What Do I Need?

  • A valid Passport/EU identity card/Visa– You must have a passport which is valid for the length of your stay in the UK, unless you are an EU national, in which case a valid national ID card is sufficient.  Please also check Visa requirements for your individual country of residence in advance of travelling to the UK.
  • A valid golf handicap certificate.  Many golf facilities will not require production of a certificate, however some of the more established or prestigious clubs will insist upon sight of your certificate prior to play.
  • A selection of golf wear that can cope with all types of weather conditions.  Whilst we will do all we can to make your trip enjoyable, coastal golf is prone to windier and cooler conditions, whilst rain is always a possibility during Scottish summers.
  • Sufficient money to enjoy your stay.  We will advise you of how much money will be required to cover golf fees and accommodation (where not paid in advance) at the time of booking your trip, however food and beverage costs, as well as entertainment and nightlife, can vary between establishments.  Most businesses will accept credit/debit cards.