Golf Tours and Holidays in Scotland – Set and Flexible Packages Available

Your Golf Tour – Scotland

Our company and why you should choose Scotland

Firstly, let us introduce ourselves and welcome you to our new website.  We are Discovery Golf Tours Limited and we are based around 15-20 minutes from both St. Andrews and Carnoustie.  Our company is run by golfers for golfers and we have a wealth of experience in the golf tourism industry.  We offer a variety of packages which allow you to select set options or customise your package to meet your own needs and desires.  We also work alongside a number of other companies to offer additional tourist related services during your stay.  We are confident that we provide the ultimate golf tour experience and look forward to welcoming you on your golf tour Scotland.

Scotland has nearly 600 golf courses to choose from varying from the some of the most famous in the world to a number of hidden gems.  Universally recognised as being the home of golf and with stunning scenery, Scotland is amongst the most popular destinations in the world for golf tourism.  But don’t just take our word for it …….

Your golf tour Scotland – What do the pros think?

More about Scotland …..

Golf may be your main priority during your stay, but there’s so much more to do if you’re here for an extended break, or if you travel here with non-golfing companions.  This short video shows you a little more of the natural beauty and activities which you can take part in during your golf tour Scotland.

Scotland is without doubt one of the prime golfing locations in the world.  From it’s history and tradition in the sport, to the regular major championships hosted amongst the top courses, and the numerous hidden gems spread across it’s length and breadth, there is something for all golfers.  We look forward to welcoming you to our wonderful country.

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